We came to HKSD with a long checklist for what we were searching for in a studio. We found it all at HKSD plus a few surprises. My girls love the professional studio (the fabulous flooring and space to change!). Mrs. Sheila is a ball of sparkly love! We love that Mrs. Heidi and the teachers promote education, growth, professionalism, and sportsmanship in the studio (and with other studios!). Both of my girls have grown so much this year in technique and confidence. The training is fabulous! My girls are surrounded by positive dancers, parents, and faculty/staff of all ages who encourage each other. HKSD is family. We’ve had the most peaceful and supportive year full of growth and love!

Rebecca H., HKSD Parent

We have been going to HKSD for going on 8 years. We love this studio because the teachers are amazing, and we can really see the improvement our girls make each year. My oldest has committed to taking more dance classes this year than ever before and doing company dance. She took some ballet intensive classes this summer, and when we arrived on the first day, Ms. Heidi was giving the girls a pep talk about working hard and just doing their best and not worrying if they didn’t get everything right away. I loved it! I love how much Heidi and the other teachers really care about their students…. And they really know how to put on a show at the end of the year!

Debbie M., HKSD Parent

All of the teachers, Mrs. Sheila and the students are so kind and everyone is always looking for the best in each dancer and makes sure each dancer has a time to shine. The studio has such a positive environment everywhere you go. Last but not least the teachers are always pushing you to be your best!!

Anna-Grace, HKSD Student

The teachers are supportive, encouraging, and caring. I am able to learn both dance skills and life skills through their teaching. They present each of us with so many opportunities. I am thankful for the wonderful teachers. And I am thankful for the wonderful, fellow dancers. They are so encouraging and welcoming. HKSD is my second home, and I wouldn’t trade the past 9 years there for the world.

Andrea, HKSD Student