2019-2020 Registration is now open!
Classes begin August 19th.

Annual Registration Fee:
Before Aug. 1st:  $3o per student
Aug. 1st or later: $40 per student
One month’s tuition is also due at registration. This payment will be applied to August and June, both prorated to 1/2 month.
*These fees are all NON-REFUNDABLE.

TWIRL Ballet/Tap Combination (Ages 2-5)

Twirl 2: All 2 year-olds

Twirl 3-4: All 3 year-olds & 4 year-old beginners

Twirl 4-5: 4 year-olds with dance experience &
5 year-old beginners


*All Kindergarten students enrolled in Ballet or Jazz/Tap Combo Class must have dance experience. Kindergarten students who are beginners should take Twirl for ages 4-5.

Acrobatics (Ages 3-5)

*All students must also be enrolled in another dance class.  Acro classes are billed separately from regular tuition and will not participate in the Showcase.

1st-12th Grade

Classes with special requirements:

  • All hip-hop students must also be registered for jazz. All lyrical students must also be registered for ballet.
  • Pointe: Please see specifics under class descriptions. Teacher evaluation and two additional ballet or 1 ballet & 1 lyrical required per week.
  • Other level requirements are listed under “Special Requirements”.

1st-2nd Grade

3rd-5th Grade

Middle & High School



*All acro students must also be enrolled in a dance class.
Level  Requirements:
Level 1    Beginner
Level 2   Must have Cartwheel, Round-Off, and Standing Backbend
Level 3   Must have front & back walkover

Boys-Only (Hip Hop)