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  • Payment methods include online payments, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, cash, and check. We do not accept payments over the phone or through email.
  • Family tuition discounts apply only to siblings under the same account.
  • All tuition is due on the first of each month of the dance year, regardless of what day of the week the first falls. This includes weekends and holidays when the school is closed. Statements will be sent for overdue accounts only.
  • After the 10th of the month, tuition payments are considered late and a $15 late fee will be added to your account. All late charges will be carried over each month.
  • All accounts must keep a valid credit or debit card on file with HKSD to be enrolled in classes. Account holders may choose to have tuition payments automatically charged on the first or tenth of the month, OR may choose to have all charges (including costumes, Showcase Fee, etc.) automatically charged on the due date. This setting can be changed any time in the customer portal.
  • If an account becomes 60 days overdue the account holder authorizes HKSD to charge the card on file for the amount due.
  • Accounts must be paid in full to participate in the Showcase. The account hold authorizes HKSD to charge the card on file for any remaining balance one week prior to the Showcase.
  • All payments received are applied to outstanding charges in the order in which they were billed.
  • The tuition rate is for the entire season (August through June). It is not based on the number of classes during a month, but on the entire duration of our season. Some months will have more/fewer classes, but tuition charges remain the same. The only exceptions are August and June, which are prorated to 1/2 monthly tuition.
  • No refunds or deductions are given if a student misses a class for any reason. Make-up Classes are available for missed lessons.
  • WITHDRAWAL FROM CLASSES:  If for any reason it becomes necessary to withdraw a child from a class, a drop form must be submitted before the first day of your child’s last month. For example: If a drop form is submitted on September 4th, October will be the student’s last month. September and October tuition will be due.  If the drop form is not received, the person responsible for payment will continue to be billed the regular tuition amount and will be responsible for payment. Non-attendance is not considered withdrawal from class.  HKSD does not require a contract. Therefore, if an account is closed, August and June tuition (paid at registration) will not be refunded.
  • There will be a $40.00 charge for all returned checks.

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