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Our Philosophy

At HKSD, we feel that competitive dance offers students much more than trophies and awards. A positive competition experience can help dancers gain confidence and life skills they will carry with them forever. Our dancers learn to set goals and work together as a team to achieve those goals. In the process, they develop high standards for themselves, a strong work ethic, self-confidence and positive self-esteem.

We work to provide unique opportunities for our students, helping them become well-rounded dancers. We choose the conventions and competitions we attend carefully, and frequently bring master teachers and choreographers to HKSD for additional training.

We believe competition should be an outlet for dancers to perform and receive constructive feedback from knowledgeable judges. Conventions and competitions are wonderful places to meet students from other studios, be inspired by talented dancers and teachers, and grow as artists.

Our focus is on the learning process, not the outcome or award. This approach encourages our dancers to always strive to do their best and learn from both the wins and disappointments. We believe that competition may not be for everyone, but can offer amazing opportunities for dancers who become involved.