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NOTE:  All Kindergarten students must have dance experience to take individual classes. Kindergarten students who are beginners should take Twirl for ages 4-5.

Ballet / Pointe

The technical foundation for all forms of dance. Barre, center floor, and progressions (movements across the floor) are all used in developing ballet technique. This class will help students develop grace, poise, and balance. Pointe classes are offered to advanced ballet students; these dancers must be approved by our pointe instructor and must be enrolled in two additional ballet technique classes each week.


An expressive form of dance that incorporates a fusion of many dance styles. Many times this style tells a story through choreography and dance phrases. Dancers are also encouraged to explore their emotions and movement through improvisation. A strong ballet and jazz foundation enhances the quality of movement. Must also be enrolled in Ballet.


A fun class that emphasizes footwork and the expression of rhythm through sound. Students learn timing, balance, and coordination. All classes work on basic tap skills-progressing through tap steps, combinations, and dances.


A fun, energetic type of dance and the most popular type of dance offered today. Students are taught warm-up techniques and conditioning exercises to help strengthen them as dancers and prepare them for more difficult combinations and moves. Students also learn routines that fit today’s music.


**NEW FOR 2017-2018 – Acrobatics/Tumbling classes will be offered as “open” classes on Saturdays during shorter sessions. Classes begin with warm-up and flexibility exercises followed by instruction in tumbling skills. Students acquire strength, balance, and flexibility that assist them in other areas of dance.

Hip Hop

Fun and energetic freestyle dance form. Relaxed atmosphere and dress code. Student must also be enrolled in Jazz.

Jazz-Hip Hop Combo (K-2nd Grade Only)

Jazz and an intro to Hip Hop for our younger dancers.  Each class will perform one Showcase routine combining both styles.

Boys – Only

Combination class consisting of hip hop and tumbling. The high-energy, fast-paced atmosphere of this class is perfect for the guys! Attire: Comfortable clothing, tap shoes, and clean sneakers

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