We believe that performance is an important part of your child’s dance training.  At the end of each dance year, HKSD presents a professional Showcase of our dancers’ talent and hard work. Our Showcase is not like your typical recital. It is an experience, complete with a themed party for the entire family and a huge production featuring all of our dancers!

From our youngest preschoolers to our oldest and most advanced dancers, our goal is to make our Showcase positive and special for everyone. It is always the highlight of our year to see students of all ages and levels gain confidence while performing on stage! It is a time to celebrate all our dancers have learned and accomplished throughout the year!


  • Annual Showcase Fee (NON-REFUNDABLE):  Approximately $80 for the first student/$40 for each additional student in a family (Due February 15th). Families paying after February 28th will be charged an additional $10 per student.
    *Included with the Showcase Fee, each family will receive an online DVD of each performance.  The Showcase Fee also assists with the costs of producing a professional Showcase: Facility rental, lighting, sound, production and hospitality crew labor, security, music editing, etc.
  • Costume Fee (non-refundable): Approximately $70-$80 per class costume.  Due November 15th.


  • Photos:  Group and individual photos will be taken in full costume April 13-18, 2020 during regular class times.  There will be optional opportunities for families to purchase packages from the photographer and individual program ads. Each class will have a group photo in the program at no charge.
  • Programs & DVDs:  You will have the opportunity to purchase a program at the Showcase. Online digital DVDs of each show are included in the Showcase Fee.