About the Company

About the HKSD Company

Our Company is a group of dancers chosen to represent HKSD at dance competitions, conventions and community performances. Company requires commitment, hard work, talent, and a desire to perform and grow as a dancer.

HKSD is home to three different competitive teams: Sparks (ages 5-7), Fusion (ages 8 & up), and Force (ages 8 & up). Each Company requires different levels of commitment and experience, offering options and opportunities for everyone!

For the last sixteen years our Company has competed among some of the best dance studios in the country and worked with top instructors and choreographers from elite dance conventions. The HKSD Company consistently wins overall awards and titles. It is an honor to be part of this prestigious group.

All Company members are chosen by HKSD teacher evaluations and Force members are additionally chosen through auditions each spring. All questions concerning Company should be directed to Mrs. Heidi.